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Best Employee Management Software For Small Business

Best Employee Management Software For Small Business

Time Dynamo

Employee Management Software

Employee management software is one of the dignified digital revolutions designed to simplify the mundane tasks of attendance management in any organization or company. Business is said to be successful if there is a continuous and significant growth in productivity which depends on the time management within the teams.

This human resource management tool acts as a solution for improving the performance of a team by tracking and enhancing time management skills of all the staff members.

Handling attendance through the archaic manual systems of attendance is a tough job. With the advent of technology, several attendance capturing and analysing tools have come up. Considering the various pros and cons with several of them, I found Time dynamo as an outstanding attendance tracking and monitoring system which effectively addresses the vexatious issue of employee attendance. This biometric attendance system has many firsts to its credits which unfold as we go deep into this blog.

Why Biometric Attendance system?


It is a sequel to the previous manual system (swiping and password generation). It is not only for maintaining and managing attendance but also

  • To maintain accurate attendance
  • To avoid manipulations in attendance
  • To avoid missed entries
  • To track timings- early departures, late logins, breaks, leaves, permissions
  • To record and manage multi-shift and multi-locational attendance
  • For automatic report generation
  • For employee attendance management
  • For hassle-free calculation of working days and timings
  • To improve punctuality among employees.

Technology used:

Subscribers can get this application in Tablet with the software integrated into it.

  • Embedded systems
  • Biometrics (iris, fingerprints, and face)


  • Companies
  • Industries
  • Government sectors/tiers
  • Schools/Colleges/Educational institutions

Attendance Management Software in a nutshell:

Consider Time Dynamo – the biometric attendance management system which is multi-platform compatible.

Integrated Features of Biometric Attendance Management Software:

These features provided here are integrated into the application itself while developing the application.

  1. Biometric integration: With the advantage of fingerprint uniqueness, this employee management software utilizes this feature at its best in the application. It helps in eradicating manipulations in the attendance.

  2. Mobile app: Besides the browser application, the user can use this software in desktop and mobile app platform too.

  3. GPS Tracking: This feature helps in tracking the location of a user – where he logged in and logged out. If anybody logged-in outside, it tracks and saves the location in the application. 

  4. Attendance Tracking: This feature helps in tracking the attendance of all the users.

    For an employer: Tracks his/her working days and working hours, leaves, and permissions.
    For students: Tracks present days and absent days in the colleges and institutions.

  5. Scheduling Details: Users can schedule their leaves and permissions at ease with this feature.

  6. Absence management: It helps in tracking all the employers absent days and managing them easily.

  7. Analytics and user report: This feature helps the owner of the company in generating auto reports in a single interference. He can print the report on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

  8. Payroll integration: This feature allows the company owners in auto calculating the salaries of employers based on the tracked attendance.

How Does Employee Management Software Work?

  1. Record attendance: Time Dynamo helps the employees to raise requests and receive approvals within a single interface with a single touch on the application. This system records real-time attendance of all the employees.
    • Through Biometric (Fingerprint scanning)
    • Through mobile phone
    • Exception –
      1. In case of check-in / check-out missed (In case if the employee missed to check-in after coming to office or check-out after working hours), it won’t be considered.
      2. B. In case of prior information for leave at the times of emergency.

  2. Leaves and Permissions: Leaves and permissions can be applied in one go through this software. No need of waiting for approval. Everything on the application itself – approved/ rejected. You can also schedule/reschedule permissions at ease.

  3. Holidays list: You can view the yearly holidays in the application beforehand so that you can schedule your leaves or permissions for yourselves.

  4. Employee Report: It gives the total report of each employer that consists of their present days, working hours, week-off days, permission hours, the number of leaves, late logins, early logins, overtime, swapping requests, loss of payment details, auto logouts, compulsory week-offs, exceptions, etc.
    1. Attendance reports: All the reports can be accessed on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis and can be shown through a graphical view.
      1. Self-attendance report (late logins, early logouts, overtime)
      2. Team attendance report
      3. Attendance graph report
    2. Leave reports: All the leaves and permissions reports can be shown on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and also in a graphical view.
      1. Self-leave report (leaves/permissions applied and approved)
      2. Team leave report
      3. Leave graph report
    3. Schedule Management Report:
      1. Shift Roster: Employers can be scheduled on the rotation of their shifts (morning/general/night). If one employer has a morning shift this week, then next week he will have a night shift. At these times, it can be easily rotated hassle-free by the application itself.
      2. Week-off Roster: Like shift roster, the week-offs for employees can also be scheduled or rotated. If one employee has the week-off on Monday and the next week-off will be on Tuesday. This can be automated by the software itself.

  5. Requests and Approvals: It helps the user raise a request for leave/permission/Comp-off/Swap request/OT (Over-time)/exception by filling the form in the application itself at ease.
    1. Swap request: This feature allows the employer to swap the compulsory week-off to next week-off.

  6. Notifications: Employers/Users can be notified if there are any events/birthdays/work anniversaries/any social gatherings in the office through e-mail or SMS. Besides, there is a facility to customize the notifications if they want to.


Time Dynamo has been shortlisted by NASSCOM in the 5th edition of Nasscom Product Conclave (NPC) under Top 10 innovative Product Showcases.


With the advent of the ever-changing technology and innovations, many software solutions are evolved till now. One such solution is an employee management software which is the perfect employee attendance tracking and monitoring system. It reduces the burden of maintaining a stack of lists and papers. Adopt this software for your companies and industries and make your business operation flow run smoothly and improve productivity for your business.

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