How does the biometric system work for the attendance of office employees?
How does the biometric system work for the attendance of office employees?

How does the biometric system work for the attendance of office employees?



Though there are many ways to collect employee daily attendance, the highly secured, fast and simple way to gather their data is through the best time and attendance management tools like Time Dynamo. Employees need to simply match their fingerprint, Iris or Face through the Time Dynamo software to mark their attendance. It then processes your data to the HR department to calculate employee monthly payroll.

What is a biometric verification?

 The unique physiological characters to identify and authenticate individuals among groups is known as a biometric verification system. Biometric systems are mainly used to provide security across a wide range of organizations in order to avoid unprofessional activities.

Despite there are many kinds of biometric verification identifiers, the fingerprint is considered to be one of the oldest among them. The other include; Iris scanning, face recognition, hand geometry, DNA, voice waves, retina patterns, etc.

How does it work?

Let your employees simply log their working hours with Time Dynamo, either by giving a fingerprint impression, scanning your Iris and by face recognition systems.

  • When you open the Time Dynamo app in your biometric hardware device, it prompts employees to enter their mobile number to check-in or check-out.
  • Now the employees are supposed to place their finger on the fingerprint scanning area to match the credentials with the pre-defined employee database.
  • If matches, it completes the authentication process. It fails to match, it displays, ‘ Fingerprint not matched, please try again’.

 Recommended tools :

In recent days, I found the Time Dynamo as the simple to understand and easy to use time and attendance software for my company. It comes as a bundle with a bio-metric hardware device with Time Dynamo Software installed in it. Along with a browser version, the app is available on Google Play store and App Store.

Striking Features

• Hassle-free tracking with a smooth interface.
• Integrated solutions for all scales of business.
• Customized MIS reports
• Detailed visual Analytics.

How to choose the best tool?

Check out the below parameters while choosing the best biometric attendance management systems
- must be accessible from anywhere
- should be relatively cheaper than other competitors
- must be easy to use
- should minimize errors
- must be a great time-saver
- should generate payroll automatically
Switch to Time Dynamo today to give your employees the best attendance logging experience!