blog Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Tips For Your Business
Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Tips For Your Business

Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Tips For Your Business

Davu Siva

Employee Time Tracking Tips For Your Business

Time and tide wait for none. Mastering time helps the companies in many ways and it starts with tracking the time effectively which is an elegant way for effective management. Proper and efficient tracking and monitoring of workforce attendance lead to the recognition of obstacles which in turn leads to providing solutions. Tracking of the time helps in measuring the work progress and improve the areas where it is lagging and helps in the productivity of the company or business.

The managers or team leads have to think wisely by keeping up with working hours to improve the productivity within the team. Use some employee time tracking tips to help you on the way. It is our pleasure to help you with you some productive tips for your productivity. Eradicate unproductive habits of your employees with these incredible tips. These will reinforce their responsibilities with effective time management. Let not any advantage of these tips slip and you lose.

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. - Stephen R. Covey

Yes! In business terms, time is an investment. Then, how can one invest the time effectively? The answer- use these tips

Let’s go!

Employee time tracking tips – Unbeatable ways towards more productivity:

1. Use time tracking tools such as Time Dynamo: I would recommend you Time Dynamo. Because, as the name implies, it is your success elevator through effective tracking of Time and is a must-have tool for any company as it serves as both the attendance and time tracking tool. With this advanced software, you can track all your employees time and their attendance accurately on a single interface.

Your success starts with your attendance

The advanced features of this software allow you to

  • Track time
    • Check-in (late/early)
    • Breaks (Duration)
    • Check-out (late/early)
    • OT (overtime)
    • Permissions
  • Track GPS
  • Know the detailed Reports and Analytics
  • Absence management (Leaves, Permissions, and exceptions)
  • Holidays and week offs
  • Graphical representation of attendance
  • Biometric integration
  • Payroll integration
  • Notifications
  • Schedule management
  • Mobile application

On leave today (your team): This advanced feature (available on the dashboard of the application) acts as an effective scheduler since it lets the team members know who is on leave that day automatically through this employee management software. Thus, they can share and schedule the assigned task within the team without wasting time. 

This system can be adopted by all types of businesses, educational institutions, all government sectors, and organizations. It can be available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is also available for web use and as a mobile app for ease of use. This application helps both the manager and the staff to evaluate and monitor their attendance and time management.

2. Do not allow procrastination and focus on the present: 

Delay is the (d)evil for the progress. This is the unproductive habit of all. Never postpone until and unless it is genuinely needed. Focus on the present to achieve your company’s long term goals. Complete today’s schedule and stick to one task. 

What you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow

Do not go for multi-tasking since it lacks quality production. Do not let employees lag because of either ignorance or laziness. Make them press on towards the goals with the effective investment of their time on tasks.

3: Effective use of Excel or Google Spreadsheets:

Besides employee time tracking software, it is one of the best timekeeping methods. Open a Google sheet for your team members after assigning a project. They will jot down the timings of the starting and end of the project in the sheet so that it can help you in giving insights about how much time was consumed for an employee to work on that particular task and how much time was consumed for the team to work on that particular project.

Use excel sheets to excel in time tracking

With this tip, managers can easily recognize the factors for low productivity and the employees who are lagging.

4. Analysis of reports and records:

It is the tip without which you can’t improve time management. Reports give you an idea. Download all the reports of time tracking from the attendance management system in pdf forms and analyze in-depth the time management skills of all employees.

Effective analysis leads us towards providing solutions for imperfections

 Jot down the necessary things about the improvements to discuss them later.

5. Be responsive in discussions and meetings: 

Last but not least, in this final tip, communication plays a big role. As a manager or team lead, you need to be responsive if any issue raises to solve that as soon as possible. 

Decide your success with a discussion

Arrange direct meetings or discussion forums online for the improvements and any other issues to be solved. Let the employees tell their views and you as a manager decide after discussing with the employees whether to implement the idea or not by keeping the time management in mind.

Final Thoughts:

All the business verticals need tracking over all the things such as tracking of production, employees, inventory, and all business matters. Apart from that, the tracking of time plays a lead role for a company to succeed. To help your business grow, we have presented some tips for you. Following these employee time tracking tips is not a big deal for you as a business leader. Keep going on with these tried and pro tips for effective time tracking and step up on success elevator of your business.

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