blog Why install biometric attendance app?
Why install biometric attendance app?

Why install biometric attendance app?

Mohsin Ansari

Any organization, whether large or small, has to adopt a system for employee management. Those times of manually registering the entry, time-card punching is gone as these systems were inaccurate. Companies almost failed to determine the arrival and the time of departure of their employees, if there was a lack of attention. It is now easy to maintain the daily attendance of employees with the biometric attendance app. This app also eliminates the need for maintaining attendance on an excel sheet every day for it is possible to attain the sheet at the end of the month with just a single click. 

Enterprise Resource Planning apps are efficiently coded with the sophisticated algorithms to manage day-to-day employee attendance and to track attendance of the individuals entering the premise or leaving it. The app-cum-software can accelerate the business functioning and avoid obstacles coming in the path of employee’s management. The best part is that it offers an accurate identification as the software system responds promptly within a few seconds and tracks attendance. 

What is the attendance management system?

An attendance management system involves biometrics and solves the problems relating to employee’s attendance. The attendance system offers better and productive results and is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. The Biometric fingerprint attendance system keeps a track of the employees as to where they are or when they will be available. The app automates the system of writing down the time of entry and the exit time. The system is better than the rudimentary system, which was full of flaws and drawbacks like shared digital spreadsheets and the punching cards. It is the time and attendance tracking app very useful for organizations where the physical presence of employees is necessary. Construction sites, retail spaces and healthcare sector require the staff to be present in the organization.

The biometric fingerprint attendance system is even more necessary when there are multiple overlapping schedules. It helps to avoid payroll dispute for there isn’t a chance of payroll error. The attendance record maintained is automated and is also accountable. It is also used in educational institutions and schools. Biometric system in the realm of online courses and tests helps to track large students’ population, in keeping an accurate record of the attendance and in ensuring that the students attend mandatory classes.

Why Is Time Tracking Essential for Your Company?

In business terms, time is money!. 

And the ultimate goal of every business is to gain ROI. 

The more you make the time productive, the more your business will grow and the more profits you will reap. 

So, it is imperative for businesses to track the timings of their employees. If you understand the value of time, incorporating Time Tracking Software or biometric attendance software in your company will be the best choice you have ever made. Because it is a powerful tool to keep track of employees’ time and attendance. In addition, you can reduce the efforts of human resource management, and save both time and money. 

And some biometric attendance systems such as Time Dynamo allows companies to view and manage all the activities of employees such as logins, logouts, beaks, permissions, leaves, week offs, extra working hours, etc. through their advanced dashboards. Besides, your employees can also view their own attendance and working hours. Moreover, applying and approving leaves or permissions is a single click away for both employers and employees. 

The benefits of the Time Tracking App for companies include the following:

  • Elimination of buddy punching and proxy attendance
  • Accurate Employee Time Tracking
  • Improved employee accountability, efficiency, and productivity
  • Streamlined human resource management (HRM)
  • Reduced HRM costs 
  • Absence management 
  • Accurate payroll generation
  • Robust security to the attendance of employees
  • Cost-effective 
  • Enhanced ROI 

Below are the few advantages listed:

1. It recognizes the unique attributes of an employee:

Attendance app for employees can easily recognize and verify the unique attributes of employees. No matter what attributes you choose, they have to be verified and are unique. These attributes are unique for a particular user and so it may be used to authorize people when the environment is of high alert and security. 

It is, therefore, a preferred device for both office owners and business owners. The software system can track the attendance of employees, systematically. By using the biometrics of the employees, the record is kept secure! If you are a business owner who wants to avoid problems like undocumented access or ID swapping, then you may use it.

2. An accurate method of employee identification:

Biometric attendance software offers the required level of accuracy when it comes to employee identification. All you need to set the device in a proper manner and then use the biological characteristics like iris scans, fingerprints to update the system or to track the attendance. It is indeed the most accurate and exact way of identifying the employees.

3. The biometric identification system is time-saving:

It is an important advantage of using Biometric attendance app which quickly and immediately identifies an employee or the person. Biometric identification is really prompt where a person is either identified immediately or is rejected by the system. For any business owner, this system can benefit office revenue, increase productivity and reduce operational costs by avoiding unwanted problems and eliminating frauds.

4. Payroll accuracy confirmed:

The attendance system is so hi-tech that it ensures payroll accuracy in the given period. Previously, employee attendance and payroll were updated through paperwork and the system was not accurate. It also consumed a lot of time to update the attendance sheet and the employees’ payroll. They had to be updated and then entered into the system or computer for printing the checks. It is one such software and app which helps to update the salary sheet of the employees without any error.

5. Complete security of the attendance data: 

The data entered into the system through the attendance app is completely secured and not everyone can access it. The ones who access the machine and have the login id can only have data in front of them. As there is an admin lock, only the person who is authorized can open it or access it. So, we can say that the data is safe absolutely.

6. The data record of employees in real time:

The software collects the attendance information of employees in real time strictly by polling the machine. The smart biometric attendance app features the push data technology. As soon as an employee marks himself present, the data is sent to the central server which carries a static IP address. The IP address is actually configured into the machine.

7. No chance of any proxy attendance: 

In the card-based attendance system, there was a chance of proxy attendance and this is not in case of attendance app for employees. Buddy punching was pretty common previously which implies punching on behalf of a buddy. So, even if the employee wasn’t there in the organization, someone else could punch him/her. This is called time theft which got ignored by the biometrics previously. Since it is impossible to replicate biometric characteristics, an employee cannot punch in another co-worker, if he/she is not present.

8. Increases ROI or Return On Investment:

As there isn’t any chance of buddy punching, biometric attendance software helps businesses to attain a positive Return on Investment. It also eliminates employee theft or problems due to inaccuracy in attendance tracking or the several loopholes of old-fashioned attendance system that caused businesses to lose money. It is also convenient for the users for they don’t have to carry the card and remember the password. In the conventional biometric system, the user had to carry his unique attributes by default all the time.

9. Improves job satisfaction:

There are times when employees need to work overtime. It is required to address some unusual situations. But, if they work overtime and if there is no record of the extra hours, the employees can feel de-motivated. The exact time clock system, the attendance app keeps a record of the extra hours devoted by the employee for a project. A worker feels enthusiastic only when the organization recognizes the extra work. The employees don’t feel overworked in this manner. They can also get paid for extra hours by the company.

10. Biometric attendance app proves a money-saving affair: 

There is no need for the company to spend money on the issuance of fresh cards or bear the recurring expense of its printing. Only the new employee template needs to be registered for the first time. This is very easy and convenient. The biometric technology is pervasive as there is the option of fingerprint opinion system and the result is so accurate that no other technology may provide.

11. Creates audit trails to improve accountability:

Biometric attendance system helps to create audit trails for the management of employee workforce, the time and attendance. This, in turn, improves employees’ accountability and improves responsibility. It is easy to identify employees’ attendance and hold them responsible for late arrival and frequent absentees. This, in turn, improves employee accountability, increases productivity and makes the employees more responsible.

12. The features of a good biometric attendance system:

For an attendance recorder or attendance method to be efficient, it must accurately calculate the strength of the employees. The system must be such that it prevents the leakage of any data or the recorded confidential information. It is a secure option you may go for. The attendance recording system is satisfactory and prevents the chance of deviation in the usual attendance process. So, there isn’t any chance of error. Besides this, the display must be clear and it must give the exact status of the employees who arrived or departed. The user can input the data easily when there is a digital keyboard. The biometric attendance machine is a flawless and ideal tool or software for attendance tracking.


You are a candidate for a biometric attendance app if the employees need to be physically present at your premise. This system is also used within the government offices for its links to the identity proof of the employees. Some of the inputs used for the system are fingerprints, handprints, the palm scan and retinal scan of the employees. 

There are several other advantages of using the biometric attendance system rather than the ones mentioned above. The time and attendance application is also a multi-location app perfect for businesses of all sizes. It gets easier to check the attendance records of employees and maintain it for payroll.

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