blog The 7 Recommended Leave Management System in 2020! Check how they work?
The 7 Recommended Leave Management System in 2020! Check how they work?

The 7 Recommended Leave Management System in 2020! Check how they work?

Jeksani Mounika


Are you still hooked to the age-old practice of tracking leaves manually?

Gone are the days when leaves were tracked using manual entries in a register kept at the company’s premises, or from unofficial leave requests posted in chat app.

These leave tracking techniques were subject to tampering and misuse. Hence, with the advancement of technology, to make up for the lapses of old systems, companies from startups to SMEs to well-entrenched behemoths are moving towards installingleave management systems.

Leave management is no more considered a hassle, as modern tools can help untangle the entire complexity of this vital requirement.

Though leave management helps organizations to keep track of various leave requirements before installation, one needs to consider various quality requirements of the system as well as budgetary constraints of the organization. All of this prompts us to take the decision for opting to go for a leave management system.

But how do we ensure that we are going for a quality product?

How do we ensure that we get the support required when confronted with a problem.

How long will the product last including details of warranty and guarantee.?

What is the price sensitivity? Additionally what features of the product are you looking at?

All of this can are answered by:

  • Visiting the company website
  • Making calls if required
  • Searching in various reviews and platforms 
  • Visiting the company if required 

Only then the decision of buying a specific product can be completed.

After evaluating numerous leave management software, we have honed on the following ten products. These products are not only efficient in carrying out the process of leave management, but they are also conservatively priced.

7 Recommended Leave Management System in 2020

Time Dynamo

How it works and important features



Time Dynamo is among the top attendance and leave management software with advanced features including biometric integration. This attendance application is effective in generating automated  payrolls including daily wages. The product comes with the flexibility to be used within various organizations while relieving employees from the complexity of getting approvals through mails.  Equipped with this employee leave management system, employees within a company can manage their own leaves data.   


  • Time Dynamo is available as Premium and Enterprise.
  • Premium plan consists of up to 50 users at a pricing of Rs. 25,000/per annum/ per location with a tablet included. Enterprise is aimed at an unlimited number of users at Rs.50/per user/per month. This plan comes only with a software package, with no additional hardware.


 How it works and important features


SumHR is among the latest leave and attendance management software which helps in keeping track of all the leaves availed. The software comes with features like leave tracking, employee directory, and management along with Full and Final (FnF) settlement. The software stands out owing to its effective management of various leave policies. Additionally, SumHR does away with the requirement of prior intimation of leave through the mail.


  • Rs.49/employee/per product/month

Timelabs professional

How it works and important features


Timelabs is the next generation Web Based HR Management Software. It comprises of a cloud-based leave management system, that is among the best in the country. With this software in place, management can configure various features into the system based on the policies of the company. Based on the preferences, various activities with regards to leaves can be undertaken. Leaves can be altered, allotted or encashed depending on the requirement. Reconciliation of leaves for each month can also be carried out with ease. Timelabs also helps the administration to monitor employee leaves through the help of regular reports.


  • Timelabs Pro Silver-Rs.35/user/month
  • Timelabs Pro Gold-Rs.55/user/month
  • Timelabs Pro Platinum-Rs.70/user/month


How it works and important features


CaptureLeave is a cloud-based leave management software that provides precise information regarding the leaves availed by the employees. With a mobile application, the software provides wonderful user experience enabled with fool-proof security features. CaptureLeave has various tools that can be customized in line with different HR policies. With this software in place, there will be greater efficiency and reduced absenteeism. This effective solution helps the management in improving overall efficiency in sanctioning leaves and vacations for employees.


  • Price ranges from $25/month (5-15 users max) to $125/month (151-2500 users max)**
  • *$0.25 per extra user.


How it works and important features


Keka HR and Payroll software, a human resource management tool comes with the facility to configure various types of leaves from privileged leave to sick leave, from casual leave to leave without pay. This product can be configured according to the requirements. The software helps in designing various leave policies keeping in line with the organization’s culture and its goals. It is among the best leave software that enables streamlining of both HR and Payroll workflows. 


  • Foundation:

$67.30 /month( up to 100 employees)
$0.40/month per additional employee

  • Strength:

$94.23/month( up to 100 employees)
$0.81/month per additional employee

  • Growth:

$134.62/month (up to 100 employees)
$1.21/month per additional employee

  • Add-ons:



How it works and important features

HRMantra Human Capital Management Software is among the premier leave management software that helps in monitoring various activities concerned with employee leaves. The software provides a multilingual and flexible application framework that is database independent. Acting as a benchmark in the market, HRMantra provides adequate support to the HR manager in monitoring the leave requests. It helps create various leave policies while enabling generate wholesome leave reports.  


  • The price of the product is available on request 

Zoho People

How it works and important features


Zoho People is a complete online HR solution. With Zoho People, the entire leave management process becomes hassle-free enabling organizations to monitor various types of leave availed by the employees. Identified as being among the foremost leave management systems in India, Zoho People offers a wide range of functionalities. The software on installation helps in identifying the patterns of the absence of employees and helps in improving efficiency while reducing lost time.


  • Essential HR-Rs.42/user/month billed annually
  • Professional -Rs.83/user/month billed annually
  • Premium-Rs.125/user/month billed annually
  • Enterprise-Rs.167/user/month billed annually

What more can be done with Leave management software

Leave management software that comes as an online leave management system takes good care of the entire leave management without giving scope for any hitches. It enables an employee to undertake any activity from anywhere and anytime ensuring that the entire process is captured error-free without compromising on the effectiveness.  

However, an important thing to be borne in mind is regarding the system that needs to be installed. Instead of stand-alone systems, companies can invest in comprehensive HR management systems that come with in-built modules for leave management. 


Conventional leave management systemforms part of the legacy systems that are time-consuming and are of little use. Hence the need for a new solution. This has resulted in the shift from current procedures to new methods comprising the use of software technologies. As HR policies vary   across companies, HR managers can take care of the leave management activity by making use of any of the above-mentioned software tools.  


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