blog How to Implement An Employee Time Tracking App?
How to Implement An Employee Time Tracking App?

How to Implement An Employee Time Tracking App?

Davu Siva

Employee Time Tracking App

Time tracking in other terms productivity tracking is a necessity for the businesses and self-growth in the work.

Everything combines with time since it owns unmatchable value especially when combined with the work. Businesses now don’t wallow in the old brick and mortar methods to keep track of employees attendance. Strictly speaking, tracking time is not a tough row to hoe. However, significant details like break times, permission hours, leaves, half-day leaves, etc. should be removed from the total time to get the exact working hours so that it helps in easy payrolls. This can be easy but a tricky job. However, with the advent of technology, many employee time tracking apps sprouted which are accurate time trackers.

Workflow management will be effectively done with tracking times which requires the right strategy and perfect software solution that syncs with the strategy. Before implementing the time tracking apps for your business, you must ensure to have profound knowledge of different software and their features.

In a nutshell, Why companies/industries need to track the time?

  • Tracking time helps in getting efficiency
  • Tracking time let us know the time duration required for a particular project
  • Easy Payroll generation
  • The HR tasks can be made easier
  • Improve productivity
  • Helps in identifying the loggerhead
  • helps in accountability in the work

What suits your business?

Before going to adopt a time tracking software, list out the reasons such as what are the reasons to implement this application, how it would benefit your business, and the number of employees etcetera. Some apps will allow limited features and a limited number of employees’ time tracking. There are various time tracking software and applications out there. Adopt a software that allows you to track accurate timings of any number of employees.

How does a Time Tracking Software work?

Employee time tracking software is one of the most often used applications in the business world. Without this software, many businesses, sectors, and people cannot conceive how their workplaces would function. It offers so many benefits in addition to being a time tracker.

Since every employee's time tracking system is created and developed to track the workers in every way possible, they all operate in the same method. Let's talk about how this software benefits the company's management in more detail now.

Create User/ Project

The administration will have access to various features that let them add tasks, projects, team members, and other things. Users' access to the projects and tasks will be restricted in accordance with their roles and responsibilities, and they cannot be changed.

The user starts the timer 

Employees choose the task or project, set the timer when work begins, then stop it when work is finished. Typically, you can also leave project notes. 

Software processes data

This employee monitoring software keeps track of the number of hours worked and logs user information in the timesheet. Later, invoices can be created using this data. 

Software generated reports

Other user activity reports can be created in addition to invoices. As a result, managers and team leaders can use this data for analytics.

I suggest you the Time Dynamo app. Let me tell you why.

Time Dynamo – The leading employee time tracking app

Time Dynamo – the attendance management system and time tracking software which helps in getting accurate time tracking of multiple employees at a time. It is very helpful for the industry where workers get wages on an hourly basis. This on-demand software has already had a record of more installations. This app will be a boon for time-conscious businessmen.

Time Dynamo Integrated Features:

  1. Biometric integration: This biometric attendance management system allows the integration of biometrics such as thumb, iris, and face to avoid fraud attempts in attendance.
  2. Attendance tracking: It records the attendance well. This is the reason, it has been widely in use where there is a need for attendance and absence management The times of check-in, check-out, breaks (lunch/tea), permissions (in hours) are recorded accurately.
    The times of absence such as half-days, leaves (casual/sick/optional), exceptions, and shifts timings can also be recorded accurately. This automatic time tracking system benefits all kinds of businesses.
    1. Schools/Colleges/Educational Institutions
    2. Industries (Small/Medium/Large scale)
    3. Companies (Startups/Branded)
  3. GPS tracking: This feature allows tracking the live location of any employee when he/she logged in to the application. 
  4. Mobile applications: This software is also available in the form of a mobile application for ease of use. You can log in from the mobile app to request leaves and permissions.
  5. Scheduling details: This feature allows employees to schedule or reschedule leaves or permissions whenever they want. It also has shift roster and week off roster features that allow automatic scheduling of the shifts and week offs.
  6. Holidays list: This feature lets all know the list of all holidays (confirm/optional). And gives notification or reminders about events for everyone.
  7. Payroll integration: Payrolls can be easily generated using this application as it tracks each timing without any faults. 
  8. Analytics and user report: It generates reports (self and team) of everything connected to attendance in pdf formats on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Based on these reports, business owners or managers can act further.

    The employee attendance management system can also show attendance in the form of graphs. This app is available with greater features on both Android and iOS mobile platforms and better pricing. It is a best-suitable time tracker for large companies which consists of hundreds of employees.

    Besides this app, there are many apps such as Time Doctor, Desk Time, Hub staff, etc. to track the timings of employees with varied features. Choose an application that suits your business requirements.

Employee Time Tracking Tips:

These are some golden tips for employee time tracking tips which are helpful for you as a manager. One employee’s delay may affect the whole team progress since a task is the contribution of all team members’ work.

  • Be clear in setting goals
  • Ensure the goal of the project can reach each member
  • Adopt software such as Time Dynamo and make employees use it
  • Foster the culture of flexible working hours
  • Align each employee time tracking
  • Monitor time tracking reports and employee engagement
  • Be responsive to the employees’ feedback

Employee time tracking app implementation tips:

  • Avoid mistakes in implementing the software
  • Let all the employees have profound knowledge on the usage of the applications
  • Help the employees to know the benefits of the system and make them utilize it without negligence
  • Track and monitor everything periodically
  • Centralize the task management


Businesses are finding new ways to track employee timings. There are scores of employee time tracking apps in the Play stores/App Store. Select an app that suits your business requirements and make sure that you are getting the desired results. If any part of the application fails, all things may go wrong. It doesn’t mean that the adopted software has failed -instead the process of implementation must have been faulty. Adopt an application after profound research on the features and accuracy of the software beforehand and implement properly and reap good returns with that app.

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