blog Top 10 Employee Management Software to increase efficiency at your workplace
Top 10 Employee Management Software to increase efficiency at your workplace

Top 10 Employee Management Software to increase efficiency at your workplace

Davu Siva

Top 10 Employee Management Software

An employee management software is a very beneficial tool for all the entrepreneurs, HR experts, and employers as it manages and rationalizes the overall team efficiently. These Employee Management Tools functions to satisfy all the major management chores in the workplace like payroll management, onboarding, time-off tracking, etc.

An employee management tool should not only function well but should also save time. Usually, the major way to organize the tasks with teams especially with remote employees is by reporting regularly through emails. Yet, managing through emails is complex and cumbersome. The main thing to be done for optimizing the performance of the employees is by eliminating those time-taking tasks and hence, every one of you can focus more on achieving more.

Top 10 Employee Management Software that will help you organize everything efficiently

#1. TimeDynamo:

It is one of the leading and efficient Employee Management Software. This application helps you to handle leave requests very effectively. For any company, the insertion of leave management is very important in measuring the employee's working days. You can completely eliminate the manual system of paperwork and you can also keep a track of leaves of the employees. It makes every process hassle-free and seamless. Every process that is required in leave management is simplified.

It is a very efficient biometric system too! It efficiently scans and recognizes the employees. TimeDynamo can recognize your employees in three types like Fingerprint scanning Integration, Face recognition system, Iris (eye) scanning Integration. These days it is being widely used by many companies because of its efficiency.

#2. Troop Messenger:

It always stands on the top when we discuss the Top 10 Employee Management Software. It is a real-time chat application that can ease your workplace communications. It is a contemporary business collaboration application that can extend the safe and secure team collaborations. Your employees can share their views and ideas or anything related to the projects and can also deliver work in order to meet the deadlines of the clients effectively with an astounding assortment of features.

Any novice user can easily understand the flow and features of the application. It also renders services like Chat APIs, self-hosting, and customized versions to all industry domains. Though Troop Messenger is yet to provide an open-source chat API, it does offer chat SDKs that help businesses to have in-app chat support for their workforce. Data exchange is made simple with a broad spectrum of features like one-to-one messaging, group texting, audio, and video calls, etc. You can preview any file on the UI by not even downloading them.

#3. Slack:

Slack enables many business organizations, various classes of people, and other companies to build a separate, committed workplace concluded by using a custom URL. Following an easy registration process, you can invite your employees to signup and get the work done. From medium-sized companies to small scale organizations Slack satisfies every industry domain.

Your enterprise can effortlessly manage several tasks by completely eradicating manual work. Also, to remain constantly in contact with other team members or employees you can especially establish threads regarding a specific project. It also has the feature of audio and video calling.

#4. Zoho Workplace:

Zoho Workplace is one of the best Employee Management Systems. It acts as a complete solution that not only aids in collaborating effectively but also in creating and communicating with your employees and teams. It wraps all applications on document organization, email, chat, presentation, and various other collaboration tools in a single platform. For having all these attributes it has earned huge applause from many companies.

#5. Asana:

It is the best tool for managing teamwork or personal chaos, relying on singular and different tasks that are framed into greater projects. It is a reliable companion when you are struggling hard with work chaos and deadlines. Asana was actually formulated to supersede the usage of emails for team collaboration and communication in the workplace. Before the advent and extensive utilization of these management tools, it was a standard method to execute all work decisions and duty allocations through emails. You can simply establish priorities and deadlines to meet the requirements on time.

#6. Evernote Business:

Evernote Business is a perfect solution for efficient employee management. It renders a cloud-based solution that allows you to share files, notes, and documents with other employees and teammates to organize workflow at the office or for any particular project. Popular applications like Slack, Google Drive, Outlook, Mailtrim - A free mailing software etc can be integrated with this Evernote Business application.

#7. Podio:

Podio is a team collaboration tool that enables you to begin conversations and build workspaces for particular projects and departments. You can also add your clients and freelancers into the communications and conversations that are related to them. It makes communication easy and simple.

#8. My Hours:

My Hours is an intuitive and effective employees hours tracker that allows you to monitor your team, assign roles, and increase productivity. The software enables organizations to oversee the workflow of their teams and correct errors easily. 

With My Hours, you can set reminders for your team members so they always remember to track their time. Your team members can easily add and edit logs and customize them to manage their work time effectively. After they have set their logs, you can inspect and comment on your team's logs.

My Hours makes salary payments easy for teams that work remotely. It helps employers track their employees' working time and create invoices based on their working hours.

#9. Microsoft Project:

It is available as an element of Office 365. Microsoft Project renders scheduling tools and templates to organize tasks effectively with your entire team. It also helps you in establishing business goals and the utilization of resources for each project.

#10. peopleHum:

peopleHum is a global Codie Award-winning end-to-end HR Software, for small and medium sized businesses that manage recruitment, employee engagement, performance, attendance, leave and more.

peopleHum’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Their affordable pricing, easy to adopt technology and AI/ML, NLP & Analytics is what makes them stand out among competition.

Wrapping Up:

Using Employee Management Tools will surely help you to increase the efficiency of tasks in the workplace. Being a business organization, you have many things running parallelly. so in such circumstances using these types of apps is mandatory. So select one application that seems right for you!

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